In 2018 AUTOTRASPORTI NIKITA SRL became part of the German Express Group which is located in Zurich (CH – Switzerland).

With the acquisition of AUTOTRASPORTI NIKITA SRL, the German Express Group has strengthened its position in the integrated logistics of plastic materials, becoming one of the most important players in Europe.

At the same time, AUTOTRASPORTI NIKITA SRL has become part of the most important European intermodal transport network with a particular focus on solid and liquid chemicals.


AUTOTRASPORTI NIKITA SRL is located in Perugia, Italy & Trieste, Italy.

The geographical location is at the center of all the transport and rail links between north and south Italy and we also make a connection between port of Bari, Italy, port of Trieste, Italy and Northern Europe.

Our services

  • Logistics – Customs warehouse
  • Transports by truck (bulk and packed)
  • Intermodal transport
  • International forwarding
  • Intermodal Bulk Terminal
  • Customs services